One of the pieces I worked on was a short story, which I crafted into twelve segments, each one leading into the next. The segments were printed onto handmade paper I'd brought with me from India. Also printed onto the same paper was the collective's new logo (created by Lisa Nash). These pages were then attached to sticks of bamboo and hung by hemp rope to the fig tree that had inspired the story. Music lured visitors to the fig tree at the far end of the garden venue where they were invited to read, listen and immerse themselves in a fig-tree sensory experience. Sadly there were no figs to indulge the taste senses, but there was plenty of good French wine instead so I don't think anyone noticed much.

Pop-Installation of Fig Story

Writer in Residence France, August 2015
L'Appel et la Réponse is an artists' collective of musician, video artist and writer. Our first collaboration was a week-long residency in Torreilles, southern France. At the end of that short but intense week of creativity we produced a pop-installation and invited people from the local community. Have a look at the showreel on Vimeo to find out how we reimagined the Everyday using the setting of Torreilles as our inspiration, a place overflowing with the wild smile of southern France. The collective intends to come together for another collaboration in the near future.​​

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Current Projects:

I am currently working on a collection of short stories that revolve around or are inspired by the land and people that surround me when I'm in Tamil Nadu. Collaborative work is due to begin later in the year on a novel that also includes events which take place in India. Other projects may or may not include an Indian theme, including some non-fiction writings.

+44 7751 789 197 (UK)

+91 89 257 11 929 (India)

Sara Laksimi


  “All the attention and engagement and

  work you need to get from the reader

  can’t be for your benefit; it’s got to be

  for her."   David Foster Wallace

Welcome and thanks for clicking on to my website

Primarily based in the Bristol area, I also spend time in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Below are links to some of my published stories as well as current projects. I am available for commissions, guest blogging and content writing.

For more information, get in touch or see my blog

Published Stories:

A Montage of Confusion  - Cazart, May 2011 
An early submission to a now-defunct website - story available on my blog

The Cleaner - Flashflood, June 2012
Flashflood is part of the annual National Flash Fiction Day celebrations

A Bad Turn of Phrase - Paragraph Planet, April 2013
Paragraph Planet - Flash Fiction Stories of 75 words

(to view the story - click on my name, listed under L in the author section)

From Diamonds to Damehood - TubeFlash, May 2013
TubeFlash - a collection of stories inspired by brooches and the  London Underground

Her Innocent Bravado - 81Words, February 2014
81 Words - an ongoing collection of flash fiction stories all at 81 words

A Kiss to Remember Him By - Readwave, April 2014
Readwave project now defunct - story available on my blog

The World Beneath - RE:IMAGINED, July 2014​​​​​

RE:Imagined is an innovative collection of unique photographs by graphic designer Robert John. His re:imagined images are paired with original stories by authors from around the world. All profits from the sale of this book are donated to help individuals and families deal with Parkinson’s disease. Copies can be bought via Amazon or Lulu.

To Leave or Not To Leave, ... - Flashflood - June 2016

National Flash Fiction Day - Flashflood Journal